“My plea for Africa and other poems”


"My plea for Africa and other poems" is a free for all canvass/platform for all races of mankind to freely and artistically, of course, express themselves on any sphere of our project "Africa".Submission of entries to this collection of poems is open to all mankind who see Africa as God's gift to mankind in this part of planet earth.This collection of poems sets out to celebrate Africa as a continent that is rich in poetry, music, fashion, culture and creative writings.In Africa, we celebrate nature, hard work, farm & farming, we cherish culture and cultural milieu, we cherish peace and peaceful resolutions to civil strife, war and conflicts stimulations, we believe in the family as a unit and particularly love to visit members of our families and friends every weekend...I know as of faith that this collection"My plea for Africa and other poems" will help us to unearth and give voice to budding poets across our continents, and above all, I pray it will further unite the races of mankind.

Poems In This Collection

    “My Africa’s Sun”

    PoetEse Ganiyu Ohwojevwe

    "Lets say no to war"

    PoetEse Ganiyu Ohwojevwe


    PoetEse Ganiyu Ohwojevwe