Set Me Free & Let Me Live

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Set Me Free

Animals cry and beg and plead
For them to desperately be freed

Help us we do not wish to die
Mundane shall keep us where we lie

Battered, bruised and bloody so
We’ve been beaten since long ago

Tested on, to slay and poach
All for things just like our coat

Our horns, our fur our lifelong passion
Removed in a blink for some mere fashion

T’is money that you take our life
T’is near us always a trench knife

Although we may not have a voice
You still have a simple choice

Let us free, be on our way
Or send us to a worthless grave

Let Me Live
You hit me, beat me, and more so still
Because you simply enjoy the thrill

I color different, and also praise
Not penetrated by suns rays

I wear a different skill to you
Because I am and come from Sioux

You leave me out, of job and home
So, you can sit on your white throne

You leave my family by the bed
Starving as they wound their head

Mundane a mere mortal so
Like me from many long ago

I follow law like many others
I live my life long side, my brothers

I take no bully, but I take fear
When guns and bullets be what I hear

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