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Feelings of what it is your heart speaks at the moment. Thoughts just inside your head. You express them, read about and only to find out a co-partner. It's not amazing but a relieve. ''THE FEELS'' is exactly what the writer felt at different moments in her life. This was what she counted her sanity on. I won't tell you this time of what you experience. I want you to read what someone else did. Do you have ranging thoughts? It's okay. Perfectly fine. One thing don't let them consume you. Being human is kinda mischievous. A hide and seek cycle. Do you want to search truly for them? Define your best. Be the best, as they say. It's not a guarantee we will see it. Assurance is you to yourself. While you read do not think to hard. Read with normalcy and reflect. Counter you thoughts and embrace yourself. It is a let go.

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      PoetNelly Muhatia