Twilight Generation Poetry

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A selection of poems I have written from 2007 to 2018. This selection includes personal historical documents such as e-mails, receipts, report cards etc. which work with the poems to create a sense of narrative that would not occur without this unconventional contribution. The poems are divided into seven different sections and are in an a-chronological order but follow a subtle, thematic chronology of the heart.

This collection originally did not fit into any typical genre but in its completion it ended up becoming an autobiographical, personal narrative. The narrative explores, confesses, and describes subjects such as innocence, alcoholism, self-actualization, understanding one's generation and their relationship to that generation, the writing process, anxiety, depression, suicide and redemption.

The title includes the word "twilight" which encompasses the overarching theme of this collection: it is about a mixture of the light and the dark. In particular, it is about learning to stop hiding and being ashamed of the darkness: dysfunctions, fears and humiliations, regrets, vices etc. and to accept every part of one's self so that one can begin healing those dysfunctions.

This selection is about a balance of light and dark, acceptance of both, and deconstructing the idea that one is better than the other (sun burnt feeling versus cool shady breeze)

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