Old Fairyland extended far
From Russian steppes and hills of pine,
From where the frozen water are,
And thence across the German Rhine.
The British Isles, and Spain and France,
The lands along the southern strand,
The Greece and Rome of old romance,
Were all in ancient Fairyland.

But men grew wiser in the north
And lost their faith in fairy lore,
And all the fairies driven forth
Were fain to seek a foreign shore.
They left a northern harbour’s mouth
And sailed for many an ocean mile,
And made their home in ‘Coralisle’.

But now their hearts are ill at ease,
They cannot keep their southern home,
For steamships sail across the seas,
And traders round their island roam,
And Progress – fatal to the bard –
Is fatal to the fairy band.
The world must roll, but yet ‘tis hard
That they must leave New Fairyland. 

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