January 13 is Poetry at Work Day!

They say that you can find inspiration in even the most mundane things, but does that really include your stapler? Maybe it could, and that is essentially the principle behind Poetry at Work Day, a day devoted to finding poetic inspiration and celebrating poetry in the workplace. So how can you and your co-workers participate in the third annual Poetry at Work Day? Read on for some suggestions!

poetryatworkCelebrating Poetry at Work Day in Your Office

1.)    Bring a little poetry into your office for this day and every day following with a poem-a-day calendar. You can find calendars featuring quotes from your favorite individual poet, from different movements of poetry, or from poems themed around a specific topic. With this desktop addition, you can make Poetry at Work Day last all year long!

2.)    Most offices have large white boards in a central area, such as a conference room or break room. On January 13, encourage your fellow employees to participate in creating an add-a-word poem: Start with a single word, and throughout the day everyone can make one-word additions. At quitting time, you’ll have an entire poem (silly or serious, it doesn’t matter!) that you’ve created together. This functions as a good team-building exercise as well!

3.)    What do you typically do on your lunch break? Rather than surfing the net or chatting with coworkers, why not take some time to sit down with a favorite poetry collection or anthology? You can reflect on different pieces and have a little quiet time to yourself in the middle of the busy workday.

4.)    While typical water cooler gossip usually revolves around hit TV shows and office drama, on Poetry at Work Day, try changing the topic to learn more about your coworkers’ tastes in poetry. Do they favor the Romantics over contemporary work? Sonnets over sestinas? Finding out could give you a whole new level of insight into the people you work with!

5.)    Sitting at your desk day after day, you no doubt feel that there is nothing new to notice. But let Poetry at Work Day serve as an opportunity to change that! Challenge yourself to find one new or unexpected thing at your desk that could become the inspiration for a poem of your very own. If you like what you write, consider submitting it to our poetry contest and show your work to the world!


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