Mediocre Corner


I had this idea come to me a few weeks ago for a collection that everybody is welcome to add to. As much as you want! I am nobody to judge and I am not saying that the poems in here are meant to be mediocre I just firmly believe that everybody is their own worst critic. I want to meet yours. Put up a poem that you think is mediocre that others may like, swallow your pride and put up your work that you are not proud of. You may be surprised at how spectacular it might actually be.
Have fun! I know I can't control others but in my head this is meant to be a judgement free zone.

Poems In This Collection

    • The nerd of me

      PoetJeremy Cochrane

      • What we all have...

        PoetJeremy Cochrane

        • Dream Land

          PoetJeremy Cochrane