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Who’s Who in American Poetry 2021: Vol. 1

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With a wonderful selection of poems written by some of today’s most talented amateur writers, each anthology contains poems that are funny, sad, religious, and profoundly unforgettable. Each publication encompasses a culturally diverse group of poets whose work has touched the hearts of readers far and wide. All publications are designed to capture the essence of today’s poetic genre. A complete index of poets and an International Standard Book Number unique to each edition are included.

Paperback – 7.25″ x 9″

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3 reviews for Who’s Who in American Poetry 2021: Vol. 1

  1. Stevie Yost

    Thank you to this amazing team for putting my poem “Plants” in this book and letting the world see my talent shine 🙂

  2. Jean Marie Piacentini

    If you lowered the price you might get more orders, in the times that we are in now not everyone can afford these prices. What about offering small plaques with your poem on it for $20-$25?

    • Rachel

      Dear Jean,
      Book sales are what offset the cost of running the contest and making/printing the books. Since the contest is free to enter and because we do not charge to publish the poems and purchase is not required, there simply is not enough revenue to reduce the cost of the book. The purpose of the anthologies is to recognize the work of amateur poets and help them get their work “out there” in front of a larger audience. The contest and anthologies are something we do on the side for fun. Our poets enjoy participating in the contest and having their work printed in a professionally-bound publication and our editorial staff has fun judging the contests and compiling the anthologies. It’s a win-win. At the end of the day, however, the anthology is a break-even product. Between the contributors and their family/friends, each title usually sells a couple hundred copies, but that’s all. Without book sales it would not be possible to have the contests and publish poems free of charge. A tremendous amount of work goes into these 350-page books and while our editors enjoy creating the anthologies, they are not volunteers. They are full-time employees and book sales pay their salaries. Unfortunately, a smaller plaque is not a possibility. The majority of the poems that come in through the contest are between 20 and 26 lines. A smaller plaque could only display these poems in a much smaller font, which would defeat the purpose of the plaque, which is to display the poem in readable fashion.

      The core nature of our business is publishing books for writers who wish to publish their own work independently, and this is where our profit lies. For additional clarification on any of this information, you are welcome to call our office any time and speak to one of our editors.
      Kind Regards,
      Senior Editor

  3. Cherie Leigh Sumner

    It’s so nice to see such a complete collection of varied talents of writers in one book. My poem, “Pulling Beauty Out of the Ashes” in there, and as thankful as I am to be included, I really enjoy reading other’s work and being inspired. Poetry is such a beautiful form of art and underappreciated. It is a welcomed sight to see poets being recognized for their contributions to the beauty in this world. Thank you! 😉

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